Which is the most cost-effective Canon Micro Single camera in 2023?


When it comes to Canon cameras, no one who has learned about photography is unaware of this brand. From small digital cameras to digital DSLR cameras, to the highly sought after EOS R series micro single camera, Canon cameras have always held a leading position in the industry. This article recommends the most popular and cost-effective camera models to everyone.

1. Canon Micro Single Camera Recommendation

Although the micro single camera entered the camera market a little late, the popularity of the micro single camera has clarified the market value of future cameras. As the Canon micro single camera EOS R series continues to expand, each model adopts the latest digital and optical technologies. Most importantly, the camera range that Canon RF lenses can support is constantly expanding, providing lens selection for every known type of camera.

Micro single camera is the future of camera technology and may completely ban the market for SLR cameras. Regardless of your photography experience, Canon micro single cameras can meet various budget and professional needs. Now that Canon has solved the problems that existed in the R series in the past, it is the best time to acquire Canon micro single camera and lens.

First model: Canon EOS R6 Mark II
Among Canon's existing product lineup, Canon EOS R6 Mark II micro single camera is my first choice, and it is also the best choice for many people to use full-frame digital SLR micro single camera. Although the Canon EOS R3 camera is the best choice in terms of specifications, its price is relatively much higher, so it is not suitable for most photographers.

Canon EOS R6 Mark II uses a 24.2 million pixel full-frame digital SLR CMOS image sensor, which can capture excellent image and video quality; And 24.2 million pixels is the best pixel point, providing a sufficiently large file size, but without the need for a powerful processor to process images, making it effortless for a powerful DIGIC X processor.

In addition, Canon EOS R6 Mark II has a large and bright variable angle touch screen and an excellent electronic viewfinder, providing realistic optical effects. The low light performance is also excellent, with an ISO sensitivity range of 100-102400. The performance is similar to its two main competitors, Nikon Z6 II and Sony A7 III.

Due to the fast and accurate second-generation full pixel dual core CMOS AF autofocus system, coupled with a continuous shooting speed of up to 40 frames per second, the Canon EOS R6 Mark II can be said to be the most suitable Canon camera for capturing fast moving targets. In addition, the effective and easy-to-use facial tracking function makes the R6 Mark II highly favored by portrait and wedding photographers.


  • Supports 10 bit 4:2:2 4K 60p video recording
  • Excellent low light performance
  • 5-axis anti shaking, up to 8 levels of dual anti shaking
  • 12 mechanical shutters per second and 40 electronic shutters per second
  • 24,2 megapixel full-frame digital SLR CMOS image sensor
  • Waterproof and dustproof body
  • Double card slot


  • RF VR lens, EF-M lens, CN-E lens not supported
  • No video RAW
  • Video shooting overheating issue (basically fixed)
Second option: Canon EOS R5 (strongly recommended)
Canon EOS R5
Many people believe that the Canon EOS 1D X Mark III is Canon's best camera because it is a flagship professional digital SLR camera; Although it is a high-performance professional DSLR, it is expensive, bulky, and designed specifically for super enthusiasts. Considering cost-effectiveness, what is the most suitable Canon camera for professional photography in 2023?

In addition to the professional Canon EOS R3 micro single camera, which is more suitable for commercial use, the Canon EOS R5 micro single camera is my most recommended. Canon R5 is equipped with a 45 megapixel full-frame digital SLR CMOS image sensor, which can capture high-resolution still images. When using a CFexpress storage card, R5 can capture 146 full resolution RAW format photos at a speed of 20 per second. If you record to two card slots at the same time, you may see about 104 snapshots before the buffer is difficult to keep up.

Speaking of these cards, although the speed of CFexpress storage cards has improved, using one SD card and one CF card cannot satisfy everyone. For filmmakers, it can record up to 12 bits of 8K DCI raw videos at 30p speed and shoot 4K videos without cropping.

It is worth mentioning that despite recent firmware upgrades, there are still some overheating issues during 8K recording. In addition, R5 has certain dustproof and waterproof functions, as well as many useful features, outstanding performance, and excellent image quality. If you can afford the high budget of R5, then you will not be disappointed.
  • 45 million full frame CMOS image sensor
  • Bright 5.76 million point electronic viewfinder with a magnification of 0.76 times
  • 12 mechanical shutters per second and 20 electronic shutters per second
  • Can shoot 8K 12 bit DCI 30p videos
  • Waterproof and dustproof body
  • 5-axis anti shaking, up to 8 levels of dual anti shaking
  • The body is large and weighs 738g
  • Short battery life (approximately 320 photos taken)
  • Overheating during 8K video recording
  • Mixed storage card slot (CF+SD)
Third model: Canon EOS RP (ultra high cost performance micro single camera)
canon eos rp
If the budget is tight, whether it is a amateur or a fan photographer with a full-frame digital SLR, just buy Canon EOS RP. Although it is the cheapest Canon full-frame digital SLR EOS R micro single camera, it does not cut corners in terms of function, performance or image quality.

The lightweight Canon RP uses a 26.2 million pixel full-frame digital SLR sensor to capture high-resolution image quality and 4K video. The compact and lightweight nature of the RP makes it a popular travel camera, but any size advantage may be offset by the currently selected large RF or adaptive EF lens. Therefore, it is recommended to pair the camera with a smaller lens.

An important factor in the cost of any camera is the body's anti shake function. In order to reduce overall costs, the Canon EOS RP micro single camera does not have an anti shake system; Although it supports shooting 4K high-resolution videos, its cropping coefficient is 1.6 times, which can control the resolution at a higher level. And the buffering in still image and video modes is excellent.

Another important feature of Canon RP is charging via USB and connecting as a webcam. Video bloggers, anchors, and those who work from home can enjoy high-quality video sources and reliable performance.

  • 262 megapixel full-frame digital SLR CMOS image sensor
  • Ultra high cost-effectiveness
  • USB charging and webcam functionality for desktop applications
  • 485g lightweight and portable
  • Large variable angle touch screen
  • Good wireless connection
  • No anti shake function
  • No waterproof and dustproof measures
  • Below standard 5 photos/second continuous shooting
  • Poor battery life (approximately 250 photos)
Fourth option: Canon EOS R50 (the best micro order for beginners)
canon eos m50
If you don't need all the fancy of Canon full-frame digital SLR micro single camera, then Canon EOS R50 with APS-C frame may be the best Canon camera for you. As an entry-level and cost-effective micro camera, the R50 lacks advanced features such as artificial intelligence autofocus and body shake prevention. However, its built-in second-generation full pixel dual core autofocus system provides fast and accurate focusing performance, providing eye tracking autofocus for still image and video shooting.

At the same time, it has short film digital anti shake function, and the RF lens with anti shake function can make video shooting more stable. Since the R50 uses the 24.2 million pixel APS-C frame sensor instead of the full-frame digital SLR sensor, the cost is reduced a lot, and it is very suitable for beginners or photographers with tight budgets.

Although Canon RP is the cheapest full-frame digital SLR micro order under Canon, it is still an unbearable price for many student photographers, just like many expensive Canon RF lenses. Fortunately, Canon's recently launched EOS R50 has an entry-level price and offers a series of high-quality lenses to match it.

As the lightest micro camera in the R series, the R50 can capture 6K ultra sampling and no cropping 4K/30P videos. During the video recording process, it is equipped with various video auxiliary functions, and with more advanced subject recognition and tracking autofocus, even when switching to a focus product during Vlog shooting, it can quickly autofocus. It is a lightweight micro camera designed for Vlog. Overall, the Canon EOS R50 is a cost-effective APS-C frame micro order suitable for beginners.

  • 24.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and full pixel dual core autofocus
  • High cost-effectiveness
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Wide selection of lens groups
  • Small and lightweight, only 328 grams, perfect for travel
  • Poor low light performance
  • Does not support body anti shake

Fifth option: Canon EOS R8 (the best micro order for mid to high end users)

The recently launched Canon EOS R8, as a compact full-frame digital SLR micro single camera, is also the lightest full-frame digital SLR micro single camera in Canon's series. It can be said that it is designed for middle and advanced users. At the same time, it has specifications that can be used by many professional photographers, so it is a good choice for professional photographers to use it as a standby machine.

Canon EOS R8
In addition to being equipped with a 24.2 megapixel sensor and intelligent recognition autofocus technology, the EOS R8 also features the second generation full pixel autofocus function, and is equipped with the same DIGIC X processor as the Canon EOS R6 Mark II model. With the support of the second generation full pixel dual core autofocus system and 100-102400 native ISO sensitivity, it can perform autofocus in just 0.3 seconds.

In terms of specifications, although there are many similarities with the R6 Mark II, R8 is a more lightweight full-frame digital SLR micro order, which reduces some details and brings a more compact body, making it basically between Canon EOS RP and Canon R6 Mark II in terms of function, form and specifications. Therefore, in terms of pricing, you can start with this slightly advanced medium level micro order at a very affordable price.

In addition, its focusing technology utilizes automatic focusing algorithms to achieve faster and more accurate identification and autofocus tracking capabilities for subjects such as people, animals, and vehicles. And it supports high pixel non cropping 4K/60P (6K ultra sampling) videos, as well as full HD/180P production of 6x slow motion videos, etc. For photography enthusiasts from beginners to professionals, it is a great transitional micro order.


  • 24.2 megapixel full-frame digital SLR dual core CMOS image sensor
  • 414g lightweight and portable
  • Built in WIFI, Bluetooth
  • Good wireless connection


  • Does not support body anti shake
  • Only one SD card slot
  • Not as durable as Canon EOS R6 Mark II
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