Sony Professional 4k Camcorders For Recommended

The advanced anti shake technology of Sony cameras has created the essence of their perfect recording. Whether it's commemorative images of wedding ceremonies or growth records of children at home, Sony cameras are often the choice of many families because they can produce high-quality and exquisite images, which have always been deeply loved by the public. Even many professional television stations use Sony's photography equipment to record programs, in order to provide the audience with the best viewing experience. The following will introduce the strategy of selecting cameras and multiple popular models. Don't miss out on those looking for photography equipment!

1. Choose high-quality cameras such as 4K or full HD

Readers who value photography quality can choose a model that can shoot "4K" high-quality images. The so-called 4K refers to images with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. Compared with full HD images of 1920×1080, 4K image quality is four times clearer. Therefore, although most Sony cameras have high-quality images, if you are very particular about exquisite imaging effects, you can focus on this type of product.

2.Full HD: recommended for players who value the zoom function

The fully high-definition camera has excellent zoom function, greatly improving the precision of capturing objects during shooting. Its maximum optical zoom can reach 30 times, which is much better than the 12-20 times of 4K products. This means that when the photographer stands at the same distance, the former can achieve a closer zoom image. In other words, if you focus on zoom function while not requiring high image quality, it is recommended to choose a fully high-definition model with a relatively affordable pricing.

Sony Camcorders Recommendation:


sony fdr ax60 camcorder5-axis anti shake;live 4K high-definition 20x optical zoom Handheld Video Camera

Sony PXW-Z100

sony pxw z100 camcorder

Sony PXW-Z280

Sony PXW-Z280

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