Guangzhou Dongfu Mingde Camera

Guangzhou Dongfu Mingde Camera is a Camera Company located in Room104,No. 7,Luyin Road,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou,510000 Guangdong,China. The company has many years of experience in the camera industry and provides various types of camera products and related accessories.

The product line of Guangzhou Dongfu Mingde Camera covers digital cameras, DSLR cameras, non reflective cameras, professional photography equipment, etc. They have characteristics such as high pixel, multifunctional, and high-quality lenses, which can meet the needs of different consumers.

Guangzhou Dongfu Mingde Camera is a professional photography equipment company that not only represents several major camera brands and professional equipment, but also has its own brand of camera equipment. The company has a sales network covering all parts of the country and a comprehensive after-sales service system, which can provide comprehensive service support for users.

The official website of Guangzhou Dongfu Mingde Camera provides an online shopping mall, where users can directly purchase the required cameras, accessories, and services online. In addition, the company also has offline stores where users can go on-site to purchase products or inquire about related issues.

In addition to the camera itself, Guangzhou Dongfu Mingde Camera also provides sales of camera accessories and peripheral products, such as lenses, filters, batteries, chargers, camera bags, as well as camera maintenance and after-sales service.

If you have more detailed requirements for the specific products or services of Guangzhou Dongfu Mingde Camera, I suggest that you directly visit their official website or contact their customer service department for more accurate information.dongfucamera


Mail:       Whatsapp:+86 18933998495

Alibaba: dongfumingde


In short, Guangzhou Dongfu Mingde Camera is a professional photography equipment company that provides various types and functions of cameras, accessories, and services for photography enthusiasts. If you have any questions about cameras, lenses, accessories, etc., please feel free to communicate with their customer service, who will provide assistance and guidance.

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