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Sony cameras are divided into interchangeable lens series( α Series and Cyber shot series. α The series includes mirrorless camera, while Cybershot mainly consists of black card cameras and some older card machines. In addition, there is a VLOGCAM series specifically designed for Vlog shooting, which includes both mirrorless camera and card machines. Mirrorless camera also belong to the α Series.

Sony  APS-C camera
A6X00 series:
Sony α6X00 series is a part of Sony's camera product line, mainly aimed at entry-level and intermediate photography enthusiasts. This series of cameras has a compact body design and lightweight features, while providing powerful shooting functions and excellent image quality.
High-end Camera:Sony A6500 Camera/Sony A6600 Camera
Mid-range Camera: Sony A6300 Camera/Sony A6400 Camera
Entry-level Camera:Sony A6000 Camera/A6100 Camera
Sony A6000

Sony Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

The Sony A1 camera series is Sony's flagship mirrorless camera series released in 2021, representing the highest level of Sony camera manufacturing and technological achievements.

The A1 series cameras are highly anticipated for their excellent performance and comprehensive functionality. It adopts a full frame sensor with pixels close to the main image quality of A7R4, possessing high resolution and excellent image quality. At the same time, in terms of video, the A1 series camera outperforms the A7S3, which provides excellent video capture capabilities and supports 8K video recording and high frame rate recording. In addition, the A1 series camera also has excellent continuous focusing performance, surpassing the main speed of the A9M2, allowing you to capture high-speed motion moments.

The A1 series cameras are also very powerful in terms of functionality and configuration. It is equipped with a high-definition viewfinder, touch screen operation, fast storage speed, and a powerful anti shake system, providing an excellent operating experience and stable image shooting effects.

Overall, the Sony A1 camera series is a series of outstanding flagship micro single cameras, bringing together Sony's latest achievements in technology and innovation. Whether for professional photographers or photography enthusiasts, the A1 series cameras provide excellent image quality, video shooting ability, and operating experience, allowing you to unleash creativity and capture exciting moments in various shooting scenes.

full frame camera

A7 series:
The Sony A7 camera series is a highly anticipated full frame micro single camera series under Sony, renowned for its excellent image quality and portability.

The A7 series was first released in 2013 and was Sony's first full frame micro single camera. They use Sony's unique E-mount and are compatible with a wide range of E-mount lenses. The naming of A7 series cameras usually starts with "A7" and is followed by different numbers or letters to distinguish different models. This series of cameras is lighter in size and weight compared to traditional SLR cameras, but they can provide excellent image quality and camera performance. They have high pixels, wide dynamic range, and excellent low light performance, making them suitable for a wide range of photography applications, including landscapes, portraits, weddings, street photography, etc.

Under the A7 series, there are four branches: "R", "S", "C", and "no letter". However, these four branches are not divided into high, medium, and low grades like the A6X00, but are good at different aspects.

A7R Image Quality Flagship
Sony α The 7R series is Sony's full frame micro single camera series, focusing on high resolution and excellent image quality performance. The letter R represents "Resolution", emphasizing the advantages of this series of cameras in pixel density and detail presentation.

A7S Video Expert
α The 7S series is Sony α A branch of the 7 camera series that mainly focuses on video capture and high sensitivity performance under low light conditions. The letter 'S' represents' Sensitivity', highlighting the outstanding image quality of this series of cameras at high ISO sensitivity. This series of cameras is widely used in fields such as film production, advertising shooting, and professional photography.

Sony α The 7 series is Sony's full frame micro single camera series, aimed at providing excellent image quality and performance. This series includes multiple cameras of different specifications and functions to meet the needs of professional photographers and photography enthusiasts.

Sony α The 7 camera adopts a full frame sensor, which can capture a wider range of images and provide excellent details and dynamic range in low light conditions. This makes them ideal choices for shooting landscapes, portraits, and daily life. This series of cameras has a high-speed autofocus system and fast continuous shooting ability, ensuring the capture of exciting moments at critical moments. At the same time, they also provide a variety of manual control options to meet the precise control needs of professional photographers for the photography process. In addition to excellent still image performance, Sony α The 7 camera also has excellent video capture capabilities, supporting high-definition and 4K resolution, providing smooth video recording and professional color performance.

Overall, Sony α The 7 series camera is a series of powerful and high-performance full frame micro single cameras, suitable for various shooting scenes and professional photography needs.

Sony α The 7C series is renowned for its compact and lightweight design and excellent image quality. It is an excellent full frame micro single camera series that combines high-quality image performance with compact and lightweight design, providing photography enthusiasts and professional photographers with powerful shooting tools. Whether it's travel photography, street photography, or daily photography, α 7C can bring excellent imaging effects and a pleasant shooting experience.

A9 series:
Sony α The 9 series is a top-notch full frame micro single camera series designed by Sony specifically for professional photographers. α The 9 series is renowned in the industry for its outstanding performance and innovative technology.

full frame micro single camera

VLOG series micro order
The Sony ZV series is a camera series specifically designed by Sony for Vlog (video blog) shooting. ZV stands for "Zoom Video", highlighting the advantages of this series of cameras in terms of video functionality and shooting convenience.

At present, the Sony ZV series has two main products: ZV-1 and ZV-E10.

The Sony ZV-1 is designed specifically for Vlog (video blog) filming. Improvements in focus, color, and radio are very beneficial for video shooting.

The Sony ZV-1 is the first product in the VLOG card player series, featuring a 20.1 megapixel 1-inch Exmor RS CMOS sensor and a 24-70mm F1.8-2.8 lens, providing excellent image quality and shallow depth of field effects.

The ZV-1 has automatic focusing function, which can quickly and accurately track the subject, as well as excellent video shooting ability, supporting 4K resolution and high frame rate recording.

In addition, it also features a flip LCD screen, built-in ND filter, automatic mode, and manual control options to meet the various needs of Vlog shooting.

The ZV-E10 is the second product of Sony's ZV series and also Sony's first APS-C frame Vlog camera. It is equipped with a 24.2 megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor and supports 4K video recording and high-quality image capture. The ZV-E10 is equipped with a flippable selfie screen for easy Vlog shooting and selfie use. The camera also features excellent real-time autofocus function, high-quality audio recording, and electronic image stability, providing a powerful shooting tool for Vlog creators.

sony vlog camera

Sony's black card series is the high-end series in its card camera product line, with excellent image quality and functional features. The black card series starts with the letter "RX".

The Cyber shot series cameras have a compact design and convenient carrying method, making them perfect for travel, daily photography, and convenient photography needs. They usually adopt a fixed lens design and cannot be replaced, making their structure more concise and lightweight. Nevertheless, Cyber shot cameras still provide excellent image quality and diverse features, allowing users to easily take high-definition photos and videos.

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