Canon XA55 Professional 4k Video Camera Camcorder

The Canon XA55 is a professional 4K high-definition video camera suitable for capturing commercial, wedding, event, and sports events.XA55

The following are the main features and functions of this camera:

1 inch CMOS sensor: The Canon XA55 uses a 1 inch CMOS sensor, which provides excellent image quality and high sensitivity, and can capture clear images in low light environments.

4K high-definition video capture: This camera can capture high-definition videos at a 4K resolution (3840 x 2160), and also supports video recording at 1080p resolution.

Focusing system: Canon XA55 adopts the Dual Pixel CMOS AF focusing system, which can quickly and accurately achieve automatic focusing, and can also obtain more control through manual focusing.

Has a large dynamic range: This camera supports a wide dynamic range (Wide DR), which can capture better details and colors in high contrast environments.
Built-in stabilizer: The camera has a built-in optical anti shake stabilizer, which can eliminate jitter and tremor caused by handheld cameras, thus obtaining smoother videos.

Lightweight and portable: The camera is lightweight (approximately 1.2 kilograms) and easy to carry, making it a suitable camera for mobile photography.
Equipped with SDI and HDMI output interfaces: The camera has multiple output interfaces, including SDI and HDMI, allowing it to connect with other video devices.

In addition to these main features and functions, the camera also has many other features, such as manual controls for professional users, dual card SD storage, and built-in ND filters.

15x optical zoom lens: This camera comes with a 15x optical zoom lens (35mm equivalent to 25.5-382.5mm), which can meet the shooting needs of different scenes.

Dual SD card slot: The X55 also has dual SD card slots, supporting SDXC and SDHC storage cards, allowing for easy replacement of storage cards without affecting shooting.

Multiple customization functions: The camera has various customization functions, such as programmable buttons, operation modes, metering modes, etc. This enables the camera to adapt to various shooting needs and scenes.

Multiple color modes: The Xa55 offers a variety of different color modes, including standard, Cinema, Neutral, etc., allowing you to adjust the captured images according to your needs.

Wi Fi and LAN interfaces: This camera supports Wi Fi and LAN interfaces, allowing for wireless and wired connections with other devices, facilitating file sharing and transmission.

Overall, the Canon XA55 is a high-definition video camera that is perfect for professional photographers and video producers, with excellent performance and numerous unique features.

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