Canon 5d mark ii Review

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II is a full frame digital camera in the Canon EOS series.
Key Features
  • 21.1 Megapixel Full-Frame Sensor
  • 3.0" High Resolution LCD Display
  • Live View Mode
  • 1080p Movie Mode
  • Dust & Weather-Resistant
  • Self Cleaning Sensor
  • Broad ISO Range (50-25600)
  • 3.9 fps Burst Mode
The Canon EOS 5D Mark II is a successor model to the EOS 5D, which was launched in October 2005. The latter is Canon's first digital SLR camera, which is suitable for senior amateur users and has a 35mm full-frame digital SLR CMOS image sensor, and has always enjoyed good market praise. The EOS 5D Mark II has a newly developed CMOS image sensor with full-frame digital SLR of about 21.1 million pixels, which not only achieves high resolution performance and rich sense of hierarchy, but also has an extended standard ISO sensitivity range of ISO 100 – 6400 * 1. In the extended mode, it can be extended to ISO 50, 12800 and 25600, thus achieving ideal performance under various shooting conditions.

The EOS 5D Mark II adopts a new generation DIGIC 4 image processor, which can process large amounts of data generated by high pixel image sensors at high speed. This technology not only supports high-resolution imaging performance, but also has a continuous shooting speed of up to about 3.9 photos/second * 2, with a maximum number of shots reaching about 310.

Other features that achieve ideal shooting performance include a newly designed high-performance viewfinder that achieves a field of view of approximately 98%; A high-speed and high-precision autofocus system with 9 automatic focus points and 6 auxiliary automatic focus points. The EOS 5D Mark II can record full high-definition (1920 x 1080 pixels) videos at 30 frames per second (fps), becoming the first model in the EOS series to have short film functionality, and also has standard recording modes (640 x 480/30 frames per second). In addition, this camera has real-time display capabilities that include three autofocus modes: fast mode, real-time mode, and facial priority real-time mode. It also has a lens peripheral light correction function, which can compensate for insufficient light around the image edges based on the characteristics of the lens type used during shooting. These further expand the shooting performance range of digital SLR cameras.

The EOS 5D Mark II features approximately 920000 dots and a 3.0 inch "Clear View LCD" monitor, with multiple layers of coating that can reduce reflections and prevent dust and dirt. Thanks to the improved color reproduction performance, LCD monitors can present a more natural image display effect, supporting image verification even in bright sunlight.

Canon's "EOS Integrated Dust Removal System" is a comprehensive dust removal system that adopts dust prevention and removal measures. The EOS 5D Mark II has made technological improvements to the "sensor self-cleaning unit" by adding a fluorine coating on the surface of the low-pass filter, greatly reducing dust adsorption and enhancing protection.

The rugged durability of the EOS 5D Mark II makes its high performance truly worthy of its name. The camera's durable shutter unit has an astonishing lifespan of approximately 150000 shutter cycles, and the body is made of high-strength magnesium alloy casing, which can maintain reliable performance even under harsh shooting conditions.
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