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Pocket cameras
The characteristic of pocket cameras is their small size and portability.
Most of the still popular Pocket cameras in the market are equipped with large-sized image sensors, and one inch CMOS has become the starting standard. Many models even come equipped with APS-C frame image sensors.
Pocket cameras still have inherent advantages over mobile phones in terms of image quality and functionality. Therefore, if the photo is imported to the computer for zooming in, the camera and phone will have a high and low resolution in terms of image quality. Canon G7X3, Sony Black Card RX100 IV, and Ricoh GR3 are all representatives among them.
The external zoom lens of the card machine basically covers wide-angle to telephoto, making it the best choice for lightweight travel and Vlog shooting.
SLR camera
The full name of a DSLR is "single lens reflex camera", which is characterized by "single" and "reverse". However, with the widespread use of single lens framing and imaging in mainstream cameras, the characteristics of "single" have disappeared, while "reverse" reflects the essential differences between this camera and other camera products.
The SLR has a reflector inside and a pentaprism for reflecting light, which physically reflects the external light to the viewfinder. This is also the biggest difference between SLR and non SLR, or other portable digital cameras.
Micro single camera
The non reflection camera, that is, the micro single camera we often refer to, the main difference between the micro single camera and the SLR is that they are non reflective and electronic viewfinder.
Due to the elimination of reflectors and pentaprisms, the SLR camera has made significant progress in both body thickness and weight compared to other SLR cameras of the same level.
Due to the cancellation of the reflector, the continuous shooting speed of the WeChat camera has also achieved a breakthrough. At the same time, the real-time focusing ability of the WeChat camera is much stronger than that of the SLR, and it also shoots videos with higher image quality and frame rate, which makes the advantages of the WeChat camera in the era of video shooting undoubtedly evident.
Of course, a DSLR camera also has its advantages, as the range of a DSLR is much better than that of a micro DSLR; SLR cameras have a large selection of lens groups.
Canon camera
Canon camera is a renowned portrait taking machine with high screen quality, rich lens group, and excellent human-computer interaction.

Nikon camera
When it comes to Nikon, its stunning scenery, high sensitivity, and strong tolerance are the basic impressions everyone has of Nikon. For me, Nikon's body feel and handling experience are all very good, and its performance is also quite strong.

Sony camera
When it comes to the advantages of Sony cameras, the video and photo functions are equally balanced, and the focus is unbeatable. In terms of focusing, Sony's WeChat camera was the earliest to implement eye controlled focusing, which is truly convenient for many ordinary users who do not know how to take portrait shots. With just one click, they can take clear portrait shots.

Fuji camera
Fujifilm, from its English name Fujifilm, can see that they are rooted in the field of photography. When it comes to Fuji, it is necessary to mention their unique color science because Fuji was originally a film manufacturer. Therefore, one of their main selling points in the digital cameras they are now launching is that they have many filters that simulate film. These straight out photos are very distinctive, and they are the only mainstream camera manufacturer to produce film, and therefore the only mainstream camera manufacturer to produce medium frame cameras.
In addition, the appearance of "retro" and "high appearance" has become one of the reasons why many young people choose Fuji cameras. In recent generations, Fuji's camera sensors have been equipped with Sony's CMOS, which has transformed their performance from a vase to a few camera brands with both strength and appearance.

Panasonic camera
A video leader in the camera industry.

Panasonic was one of the earliest manufacturers to explore compact system cameras (CSC) (also known as mirrorless cameras).
Panasonic's CSC series is now composed of the high-end video optimized camera GH series; The smaller G-series model is equipped with Electronic viewfinder and keeps closer to the overall dimension of DSLR; GX series with ranging ceremony shape; Compact GF series; And the ultra compact GM series.

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