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What brand/model of CCD camera is most suitable for taking portraits?

It can be said very responsibly that under the same aesthetic and technology, 100% of your portrait photos will bring much higher upper and lower limits than other CCD card machines.

As for the screening criteria, they are mainly divided into the following points:

① Must be a 1/1.7 "inch level large bottom CCD

② Must have a large aperture greater than F2.0

③ Must have or better flash, or hot shoe interface

④ It is necessary to cover the classic focal range of 24-85mm as much as possible

⑤ Priority given to models with facial recognition focus

If you have to say which brand and model is more suitable for taking photos (only discussing the range of CCD), I think we can actually provide you with some new choices from the following perspectives

Firstly, the flashing effect must be good. The most important scene for CCD portraits is actually when you want to use CCD to capture portraits at night. Before purchasing, be sure to go see the night portrait and make a sample

Secondly, the aperture must be large, the larger the better. A large aperture CCD similar to the Olympus XZ-1 (F1.8-2.5) can maintain a large usable aperture in various focal segments such as 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm, which is indeed the top priority model to consider

Thirdly, facial recognition is necessary. Models with facial recognition capabilities can better measure, focus, and track light based on the face, resulting in more accurate focus and brighter, more natural facial skin tone.

Here are some additional knowledge points and dry goods to add:
1 Regarding the skin tone of different brands of CCD: There is no brand that looks best when taking portraits. As long as the CCD model is released later, there will be individual or global skin tone modes. It is actually a very simple thing to capture a fair and soft skin tone.
2 Regarding the so-called cold white color of CCD: In fact, it is only because of the preferences of different brands/models of CCD under automatic white balance. By changing the white balance mode (incandescent lamp/daylight), the vast majority of CCD can balance both cold and warm colors.
3 There is no specific brand that looks best when taking portraits, only the specific model that is most suitable for taking portraits. Don't buy the very old small bottom low pixel Canon CCD because of others' misleading or stereotype.
4 The most suitable CCD for taking portraits is also the 10 most suitable CCD card machines for daily photography, especially for students who do not require telephoto and are not very familiar with taking photos.
5 If you really like the color of the Fuji Super CCD and want to use its color to shoot people, overall, the F300EXR will be the best choice because only it has a pop-up flash.
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